INDOOR / Downlight

Mini COB LED, Mini LED COB, COB Mini Downlight
COB Mini Downlight
Based on surface processing technology, small size lamps such as lacquered surface, Pin Hole, non-glare mirror surface are introduced.For residential, shop, restaurant, bathroom, hotels etc.
COB Down Light, COB General Downlight
COB General Downlight - Gold ingot
The GOLD INGOT Downlight series reproduces the effects of incandescent lamps through LED optical design, which can continue the warm and beautiful memories.
COB LED Light Bulb
COB General Downlight - Reflective
Pure aluminum spun, anodizing finish
Fireproof PC cover with air channel
Reflector - black paint / white paint / Sandblasting / mirror
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COB General Downlight - Mirror anti-glare
Reflector:Pure aluminum (99.992%) spun, anodized finish, high reflectance will reduce the brightness from the ceiling.
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Achieve up to 45 ° shading angle and glare-free surface with precise optics, which merge the lamps perfectly into building, create an elegant lighting environment. Suitable for boutiques and display spaces that have high requirements for glare control.
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COB Adjustable Downlight - Universal
In accordance with the needs of shops and malls to present products, a universal structure with unlimited irradiation directions and a tilt angle of up to 30 °~35 ° have been developed.
It can achieve a maximum shading angle of 60 ° with anti-glare trim, creating a space with low glare, contrasting and sense of quality.
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COB Adjustable Downlight - Matrix System
In accordance with the needs of shops and malls, a universal structure with unlimited irradiation directions and a tilt angle of up to 35 ° have been developed. Integrate multiple light sources into one product to reduce ceiling cut hole numbers, sense of presence, and create a simple and clean space.
LED COB spot light, COB embedded spotlight, COB spot light, LED light bulb manufacturers
COB Embedded Spotlight
Can be hidden in the ceiling with a telescopic structure, or hung out of the embedding hole. It has high mobility of the spotlights, while maintaining the sense of unity of the recessed lights, which is suitable for creating a high-end commercial space.
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MR16 LED Light Bulb
MR-16 lamp with GU5.3 head which is compatible with commercially available bulbs, and has a double-ring quick-release design that is easy to install and maintain.
Mini lighting
Mini lighting

INDOOR / Surface Mounted Light

COB track light, COB LED track light, COB track spotlight, LED track light manufacturers
COB Track Spotlight
With a variety of optical angles, sizes and accessories, it can meet the lighting needs of residential, shops, and display spaces. Focus on performance, life span and glare control, allowing users to enjoy the beautiful atmosphere of light and space for a long time without interference.
Tube Track Light
Tube Track Light
cob led ceiling light, cob ceiling spotlight, concrete ceiling lighting solutions, ceiling light manufacturers
COB Ceiling Spotlight
It is used in places where the luminaire must be installed under the ceiling. Compatible with different types of junction boxes and has a variety of angles, sizes and accessories, which can meet the lighting needs from residential, shops, and display spaces.
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Ceiling LED Light
The design of convection cooling channel and built-in arc power driver allows it to output sufficient light in a compact size while maintaining stable quality. Its minimalist appearance can be integrated into the environment, and is suitable for glare-control basic lighting occasions such as shops, public spaces, and office spaces.
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High Bay
Create precise and reliable lighting effects with 12 groups of COB LEDs and optical lenses. The 45 ° adjustable tilt angle and four beam angle options allow the light to reach required area efficiently, which is different from ordinary diffused high bay lights. Suitable for indoor heighten areas, such as factory buildings, warehouses, etc.