MR16 LED Light Bulbs

CITY LIGHT also launched MR-16 bulb series, which have 30% longer service life than commercially available (3-year warranty).
Light source module: Compatible with commercially available bulbs
  • 4 different angle options.
  • Electronic component optimization.
  • Effectively extend capacitor life.
Our MR16 LED Bulb integrate temperature-sensitive electronic components into external driver, allowing all components including LED light source to operate in a relatively good thermal environment.
Compared with general rectifier, it effectively improves the luminous efficiency, while greatly extending service life and increasing the stability.

  • Dedicated transformer is needed.
  • Compatible for Philips and OSRAM MR16 LED Bulb.
Commercially available MR16 bulb has a limited service life due to the internal power supply being affected by temperature.
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